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An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly by Valerie Protopapas

Dixie Banner Sept 2013Dear Sir: Obviously, you are not a stupid man but sadly, your intellect seems non-existent when it comes to your judgment about American leaders. You have stood foursquare against the current socialist trends in the federal government. You have condemned the excesses of Congress and the Administration and the ever growing centralization of power in Washington as well as the trashing of the Constitution. You have mentioned time and again that such excesses are diametric to the founding principles of the nation, flying in the face of that same document-and I have applauded you for your public defense of those republican (with a lower-case “r”) principles and the men (and women) who have championed them.

Yet, the other evening, I heard you-yet again-claim that the “gold standard” of American leadership was none other than President Abraham Lincoln. I actually became so enraged I turned off the TV! I could not bear to listen any longer. All that we currently endure we do so because of Abraham Lincoln! It was Lincoln who embraced the movement of power away from the Sovereign States and the People as envisioned by the Founders. It was Lincoln who adopted the socialist/communist ideologies brought into the United States from Europe with the arrival of the so-called “48ers,” the mostly German followers of Marx fleeing their failed revolutions in Europe. However, it is also true that Lincoln had adopted those same policies independently before he was influenced by Europe’s socialist upheaval. Did you know that Marx adored Lincoln for the very reason that he worked to centralize power in the federal government? And did you know that Lincoln’s government and military was filled with Marxists and socialists? It was Lincoln who abandoned all constitutionally imposed restrictions on the federal government and the presidency when he planned and initiated war against states performing an act guaranteed to them in the Constitution-that of secession from a union that was no longer in the best interest of their people. It was Lincoln who deliberately and with malice brought that war to fruition-a war that cost over a million lives both military and civilian and destroyed an entire section of what had been the united (lower-case “u”) States for a century or more. And the list goes on and on. There is no more infamous lie in the annals of American history than Lincoln’s analysis of the causes of the so-called “Civil War”-” … and war came.” War didn’t “come,” Lincoln brought it into existence in what proved to be a successful attempt to prevent the loss of eleven Southern states and the 75% of the federal revenues paid by those States. Indeed, the South, by Lincoln’s time, had become nothing more than a politically impotent economic colony supplying endless revenues to the rest of the Union while being driven ever deeper into poverty.

It was Lincoln who embraced-and profited from-Hamilton’s “American System,” which today we call “crony capitalism” and which is really nothing other than the enemy of free enterprise, fascism. Lincoln was supported for the presidency by the economic interests of states such as Pennsylvania to which he promised a high tariff to protect their manufactured goods and a continuation of the flow of capital from the South to the North. Lincoln had been a lawyer with one of the railroads supported by such tax-funded largesse and was so successful that he was allowed to choose the eastern terminus for the contemplated trans-continental railroad. It is interesting-and revealing-to note that the property he chose for that site just happened to be owned by him! Lincoln’s sobriquet at that time-Honest Abe-was bestowed by his contemporaries for the same reason that the sobriquet “Little John” was bestowed upon Robin Hood’s very large lieutenant. In other words, it was a reference to behavior diametric to the appellation and therefore not a complement.

Finally, if you think that we had election fraud in 2008, Lincoln made use of the military to assure his re-election, something that was by no means guaranteed in November of 1864. General Benjamin (Beast) Butler was sent to New York from which he triumphantly informed Lincoln that no Democrats had been permitted to vote. The same happened in other states such as Ohio where both Lincoln and Lincoln’s war were not popular. Soldiers were permitted to vote in areas in which they did not live to assure his re-election. Meanwhile, their presence at the polls was a warning to those who might vote Democrat. In fact, in many instances the ballots were color-coded so that the party chosen by the voter was immediately obvious to those partisan “poll watchers” and many Americas were “discouraged” from voting if a wrong color ballot was observed.

There is so much more on Lincoln’s illegal, unconstitutional and immoral actions that is a part of the public record and yet, he continues to be revered, even worshipped, by people who despise and reject the things for which he stood and on which he acted. Even the popular belief that Lincoln “freed the slaves” or, in fact, had any feeling for them individually or as a group is nonsense, proven over and over by his own words and actions. He cared nothing for slavery and even less for “the African” and was willing to put slavery into the Constitution in the original 13th Amendment (Corwin) if it would keep the Southern states compliant.

Even the claim so often made that he fought the war to “preserve the union” is a lie though many Northerners were deceived and indeed fought for that stated purpose. First, a union is by its nature voluntary. Coercion at the point of a bayonet is nothing but conquest and occupation, not “union.” Then, Lincoln, his government and all of the states who fought ostensibly to preserve the Union were traitors according to Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution. Indeed, the only act defined as treason in that document is the waging of war against any of the signatory states and aiding and abetting in that war. If there was ever an act more worthy of the taint of treason and the openly guilty parties more exposed to public view, it has to be America’s “Civil War” in which the federal government-or should I say, the President-declared war on seven (later eleven) signatory states and initiated total war against them. Of course, all of those who supported or permitted this war were themselves traitors to a greater or lesser degree. It is ironic that the taint of treason was spread so liberally-and so successfully-on states that had acted constitutionally in attempting to remove themselves from a hostile and eventually murderous “union” while the actual traitors have been lauded to the skies historically as heroes and “true Americans.”

No, Mr. O’Reilly, your “stand” against those attempting to make of what remains of this nation another “Peoples’ Republic” cannot be believed so long as you refuse to acknowledge where America started to leave the path of Aristotle, Locke and the Founding Fathers and embrace the governing theories and actions of Hobbes and Marx. Actually, you have only two choices: understand and admit that “the nation’s greatest president” was a traitor and a murderer (over a million dead) and repudiate his “vision” for the nation-a federal tyranny-or cling to delusion, deception and myth and, by doing so, render your own message null and void and yourself foolish at best and dishonest at worst. You cannot have Lincoln and liberty.


Upcoming Meeting – September 2013

In our August meeting, Monday Aug. 12, we welcomed musician Jed Marum for our meeting presentation. Jed performed around 10 numbers for us. It was very entertaining. We also had a good number of visitors with us.

In our September 9 meeting Compatriot Jerry Walden from the camp in Weatherford
will be with us. He will deliver a presentation on some local Rockwall history which you should find of great interest. Jerry is the current camp commander in Weatherford, but originally hails from this part of the state.

By way of reminder, we meet at Soulman’s BBQ, Ridge Road and I-30. Dinner is at 6
pm, meeting at 7 pm.

Lastly, as I will announce in our meeting on Monday, the camp has purchased a Confederate $5 dollar bank note to be awarded to the first compatriot who can bring us 3 new camp members. Allen Christian currently has one under his belt.

Dispatch – Sept 2013

Compatriots, Brothers and Friends,

First, a quick reminder about dues. Right now they are due, and I would like to again just remind you to make every effort, if you have not already done so, to get them in so that our adjutant can attend to other things and so that you will continue to receive every issue of our fine magazine, The Confederate Veteran. I would also remind you that if you look at other organizations similar to our own, you will find that our dues are lower, and sometimes substantially so, than those others. My point is that ours are quite reasonable, all other things considered.

Fairly soon we will hold elections (I am thinking most likely in our November meeting) for camp officers for the year 2014. If you have been with us long enough to get your bearings and if you believe you would like to serve the camp in some official capacity, then let it be known and/or have someone nominate you. If, as I suspect, we are to hold elections in November, we can just do the nominations in that same meeting. Along those same lines, I would eventually like to propose the addition of several more positions, but most of that will have to wait until we are a larger camp. In the meantime, though, I would like to propose that we add the position of “Aide-de-Camp”, a person who would be just that, someone whom one of our other officers can request help with this or that. Believe me, the Camp Commander and the Camp Adjutant can both use a little help with tasks from time to time. We can bring this up for a vote in the next meeting.

I hope all of you are doing well with all of your endeavors. Please remember to think of relatives and friends who might be good candidates for inclusion in our camp.

Your Obt’ Servant,
Daryl Coleman, Commander
Rockwall Cavalry Camp