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Major General William Dorsey Pender

On July 2, at Gettysburg General William Dorsey Pender was riding among his lines to familiarize himself better with the lay of the land before him. His troops were now all up, and he expected at any time to receive orders to engage the enemy. While dismounted he was struck by a Federal shell, the wound would prove mortal. He died July 18, 1863.

Major General William Dorsey PenderWhen news of Pender’s death circulated through the army he had left behind, the universal response was grief tinged with regret. Everyone who knew him, and many of those who only knew of him, realized that the Confederacy had lost one of its ablest and, at the same time, one of its most promising officers. Pender’s achievements were well known; in time they would take on almost legendary proportions. Yet his loss was made more painful by the widespread belief that when he went down, greater things lay in store before him. He had transitioned easily from regimental to brigade to divisional command. There was no doubt in the minds of Lee or any of his senior subordinates that Pender was destined for fame and glory as a Corps commander, if not a higher position.

The eulogies that poured in after his passing praised both his accomplishments and his potential. Colonel (later General) Perrin believed that, although new to the rank, Pender “was the best Major General in the Army…He was brave, energetic, a thorough disciplinarian & in fact everything that a soldier should be. His place will be hard to fill…” A.P. Hill, whose sense of loss was personal as well as professional, assessed Pender’s value with mournful eloquence: “No man fell during this bloody battle of Gettysburg more regretted than he, nor around whose youthful brow were clustered brighter rays of glory.”

Pender’s importance to his army was such that in postwar years grandiose praise was attributed to his army commander. Brigadier General Gabriel C. Wharton, who never served in the Army of Northern Virginia, declared that sometime in 1864 or early 1865, Lee admitted to having erred in invading Pennsylvania but expressed confidence that “we would have succeeded had Pender lived.” And in 1893, Pender’s friend William Gaston Lewis quoted Lee to the effect that “General Pender was the only officer in the army that could completely fill the place of ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.”

Wharton’s and Lewis’s memories may not have been fully accurate, or may have been subject to exaggeration. A more reliable postwar epitaph was rendered by Captain Ashe of Pender’s staff, who regretted that his commander’s name was not better known. However, had Pender survived Gettysburg, “he, too, would have attained a world-wide fame, and would have taken his place among the great Generals of his age.”

Of the scores of tributes paid him in death, it is likely that William Dorsey Pender would have preferred the most succinct. Engraved on his tomb in Calvary Cemetery, Tarboro, North Carolina, are nine words that go far toward summing up his life and career: “Patriot by Nature, Soldier by Training, Christian by Faith.”

Why the left hates confederate Symbols and flags

by Al Benson, Jr.

On several occasions I can remember my pastor at church saying that if you are not making someone mad then you aren’t doing anything. He has a valid point. If you are at peace with “the world” and no one has any gripe with anything you do or say, then you are a friend of the world and, biblically speaking, that is an unenviable position to be in.

Christians make people mad because they have the temerity to tell people the truth and all people do not relish truth. Some would rather live with lies and giving them the truth ticks them off. So I reckon this article will tick some folks off.


Years ago, when I was in the John Birch Society there were folks that said we had three enemies—liberalism, socialism, and communism. Or to put it more succinctly liberalism=socialism=communism. One is merely a progression to the next. The John Birch Society was anathema to the religious and political left. They detested it with unexcelled passion. They still do. Why? It’s because the JBS tells people the truth about them and they don’t want the American public as a whole to know that truth—yet they can’t dispute it, so what do they do? They smear the JBS with a lot of unfounded accusations which they hope will take people’s minds off the real truth and refocus them on the spurious accusations. Thisis an old Communist tactic—condemn others and elevate yourself. It often works, but not quite as much as it used to. Thanks to the Internet, lots of people have had the chance to see “other options” when it comes to news and commentary and they have picked up a certain amount of discernment regarding what I laughingly refer to as the “news” media.

About twenty years after my initial involvement with the JBS I started to become involved with the Southern Heritage and Confederate Movements. You may think the two are mutually exclusive, and I didn’t make any real connection until I found that those who hated the Southern Movement were, guess who? Liberals, socialists, and communists. So why did the religious and political left hate the Southern Movement? Same reason they hated the JBS. The Southern Movement told the truth about the real reasons for the War of Northern Aggression and about Abraham Lincoln, who was and is a major icon of the left. To find out why, read Lincoln’s Marxists which is available on The truth about Lincoln and the War rattled the left’s cage. The public has, for generations now, been “educated” to believe the War was all about slavery and nothing else. This has been the establishment line for decades now (and I include the establishment as part of the liberal/socialist coterie). To state that such a line is balderdash is only repeating myself.

The liberal/socialist/communist triad absolutely loathes the South, its real history and heritage. All you have to do to prove this is to check out the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center. This will give you a thumbnail sketch of where the left is really coming from in regard to the South and its history. The SPLC is big on hate groups—a “hate group” being anyone that disagrees with their leftist slant on anything. Their take on Southern history is strictly barf-bag material but you’d be surprised at how many “journalists” quote them as a “reliable” source on Southern bigotry or prejudice or whatever other sins the South happens to share with the rest of the country.

All these liberal/left groups use every opportunity to trash the South and its people and they absolutely detest Southern history and Confederate symbols. But if you look at where they are coming from, the reason becomes obvious. The South has been more Christian in its worldview than most of the rest of the country since well before the War of Northern Aggression and the left hates Christianity. They always have, and the reason is that they are in rebellion against God and His law, which they seek to replace with their own “god” (the state) and their “law” (Marx’s “ten commandments” as found in the Communist Manifesto).

The leftists reserve some of the bitterest of their vehemence for Confederate symbols and flags. These, we are dutifully informed, are all symbols of “racism” (a Trotskyite term), prejudice, bigotry, and you name it. Southern whites, we are told, are responsible for every ill in the world from sunspots to the blind staggers. It’s all “whitey’s fault” (all the better to get reparations out of you, my dear) and Southern whites are supposed to feel guilty for, literally, all the sins of mankind, which others committed only because white folks forced them into it. And to absolve ourselves from these heinous sins we have only to cross their palms with silver—again and again and again.

So what are these horrible Confederate symbols that need to be taken down and relegated to the attic or trash heap? Well, there is the well-known Confederate battle flag, which is a Christian symbol, the Cross of St. Andrew. We have to get rid of that because the KKK has used it. If that’s the case, then lets get rid of the United States flag also, because it is a known fact, for those that have done the homework, that the KKK used the United States flag extensively in parades and assemblies. So it would seem apparent that if one is “racist” because it is used by the KKK, then shouldn’t the other be also? There are several other Confederate flags that must be “racist” simply because they are Confederate. There is Polks Battle flag for the First Corps of the Army of Tennessee. It has a St. George’s Cross on it—another Christian symbol. Then there is the battle flag for Confederate troops from Missouri, which is a blue flag, with a red border, with a white Christian Cross on it. Then the 3rdKentucky (Confederate) Infantry flag has a Christian Cross with 13 stars in it, and Major General Dabney Maury’s Headquarters Flag is yet another one with a Christian Cross on it. There are others I could mention, not as well known, but yet still containing Christian symbols. All these flags, supposedly “racist” reflect, to some extent, the worldview of the Confederate States.

I submit that this is really what the leftists want to get rid of—any Southern flag or symbol that reflects the South’s Christian heritage. That’s what they really hate—any kind of Christian symbolism, especially Southern Christian symbolism. Anyone who has read anything about the liberal/socialist/communist cadre realizes that they regard Christianity as one of their main foes, to be either neutralized or gotten rid of any way possible. The left really has no problem with racial prejudice or bigotry. They practice it just as much as anyone else does, only they don’t want to be perceived as being guilty of it so they point the accusing finger at others who may not even be as guilty of it as they are. After all, it was Karl Marx who, condescendingly referred to Jewish people as “Jewish Niggers.” That was Marx’s term, not mine and I have seen him quoted more than once using that term. No, the leftist’s real problem isn’t with racial prejudice—it’s with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, because they realize that even a sleeping Christian church has the potential of becoming their biggest adversary should something awaken it in the future. And Southern Christians could end up being the biggest adversary of all because even with their faith having been tampered with and watered down, they are still the people in the part of the country where the Christian worldview remains the strongest.

You have to give the liberal/socialist/communist group credit. They at least recognize their Main Enemy. The question is—will the Church wake up and recognize one of hers?

Upcoming Meetings – April 2014

In March, we were fortunate to have with us Dr. Richard Lee “Rick” Montgomery, chaplain for the Stonewall Jackson Camp in Denton, Texas. Rick also pastors Cooper Creek Baptist Church in Denton. Rick spoke on his recently published book, “Another Look at Six Myths in the Lost Cause”. We had a fairly good turnout and his presentation was very well received. I would gladly recommend Rick as a speaker to other camps.

In our April 14 meeting, Tom Ridenour from the Belo Camp in Dallas will speak to us on the Confederate Constitution. Tom Ridenour was born in the mountains of southeast Kentucky. His father worked in Kentucky and Virginia coal mines for 47 years. Tom studied music and earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music performance.
For several years he taught music privately

and in several colleges, worked for a major musical instrument company, and subsequently founded his own company. He lives in Duncanville with his family, two dogs and a belligerent cat.
Meetings remain on the second Monday of each month, at Soulman’s BBQ, 691 E. I-30, Rockwall (SE corner of Ridge Rd. and I-30, next door to Appleby’s

Dispatch – April 2014

I wanted to apologize for missing last month’s meeting. I was very sick and not well at all. I hope this newsletter finds all of you in good health and in good spirits (not the drinking kind of spirits). We all have so much to be thankful for and we need to remember that all good gifts and all great gifts come from above.

Like me, I’m sure a lot of you are sad and depressed over the loss of the park names in Memphis, Tennessee. and some of the other losses the Southern People have suffered in the last few years, due to political correctness. I believe the only way to turn this around is by numbers and by money. We all must do what we can to increase the size of the SCV and raise money for our cause. I am getting a jar, and every day when I come home I’m going to put my change in it. That change will be donated to the SCV Heritage Defense Fund ( ). Just think it’s only a few dollars a month, but if everyone in the SCV did this, it would add up. During our meeting’s if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please voice them, as we must turn this around. Get involved in your political process (whatever party you believe in), vote with you heart, soul and mind, and remember our Confederate heritage.

Again, I want to thank all of you for being members and for all the hard work you do.

“What would Jesus do—–What would Stonewall Jackson do”

This is my motto, and if I can live by this, I will become a good leader. I ask for your prayers, for me and the SCV.


Richard M. Powell, Commander
Commander R.M. Powell