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Fresh Pickings from the Confederate Grapevine – Nov. 15

fall of 1861In the September 26, 1909 edition of the San Antonio, (TX) Daily Express Newspaper, Quarter Master Sergeant J. B. Polley, a soldier in the Fourth Texas Infantry Regiment and after the war the historian of Hood’s Texas Brigade, tells an amusing story of some solders of the First Texas Infantry, who were so bored at camp in Virginia, they decided to “invade the North” on a moonlit night during the fall of 1861. Here is a part of Sergeant Polley’s story of the First Texas Infantry’s invasion:

“In the fall of 1861, prior to the arrival in Virginia of the Fourth and Fifth Texas Regiments, the First Texas was stationed near Cockpit Point on the Potomac. Its duties, monotonous in the extreme, two of its companies decided to secure diversion, and, without notice to their officers, went in a body to the Potomac one cold moonlit night, and there seeing upon and embarking in such row-boats as could be found, crossed over into Maryland. There, under leaders chosen for the occasion, and the darkness concealing the smallness of their force, they surprised and drove in the Federal picket lines and made demonstrations so warlike and alarming to General Sickles, the Union commander, that, thinking the North was being invaded, he wired for reinforcements and thereby created the greatest consternation in Washington City.

All along the north shore of the Potomac the long roll was sounded and bugles blew; cavalry commands galloped hither and thither, infantry regiments lined up in battle array at threatened strategic points, batteries of artillery moved at a gallop for commanding positions, and heavy siege guns boomed a warning to Federals and a defiance to Confederates. Hearing the racket across the river, and believing the Federals were beginning the passage of the river on to Southern soil, Wigfall and other doughty commanders of Confederate regiments and brigades call their men to arms and into lines of battle and impatiently and apprehensively awaited the coming of daylight to tell them which way to march. In short for ten hours or more pandemonium reigned on both sides of the Potomac. Then, having killed and frightened a dozen or more Federals and frightened twice as many out of their wits, the First Texas contingent returned to the Virginia side of the river, and stealing quietly into their quarters, played innocents so perfectly that for a long time they remained unsuspected of having, “out of pure cussedness,” the boys said, created an alarm that kept both armies awake all night. “

Editor’s Corner – November 2015

I would like to quickly address the upcoming elections for 2016 Camp Officers. As always, this is an important time for our camp, as it sets the course for the next year. At the present, we have three elective offices in our camp (Camp Commander, 1st Lt. Commander and Camp Adjutant). In short, the Camp Commander is our leader, the main camp cheerleader and the facilitator of our camp meetings. The 1st Lt. Commander sets camp presentations and does the meeting agenda, and presides over camp meetings when the Camp Commander cannot be present. The Camp Adjutant handles our camp finances, meeting minutes and registration of new members. All other camp officers are chosen and serve at the pleasure of the Camp Commander. Please be thinking of how and in what capacity you might serve our camp, and be ready to forward nominations on Monday. If you would like to run for an elective office, some training or prep might be in order. Also, the camp could use a 2nd Lt. Commander to handle recruiting and retention. Having someone to handle camp flags and greeting of visitors at meetings would be very helpful also. Note, these things are already being done, but by the existing camp officers who already carry other duties. Remember, no one person has to do too much if we have a number of men willing to do something.

Thank You
Daryl K. Coleman
1st Lt. Cmdr. & Newsletter Editor

Upcoming Meeting – November 2015

In our November 9 meeting, we are welcoming Compatriot James Skelton, a member of the Red Diamond Camp (Texarkana). James will present “A Quick History Trip Through Beauvoir”.

Meetings remain on the second Monday of each month, at Soulman’s BBQ, 691 E. I-30, Rockwall (near SE corner of Ridge Rd. and I-30, next door to Applebee’s). We meet for dinner at 6 pm, and the meeting starts at 7 pm.

Dispatch – November 2015

Howdy Ya’ll!

It has been a good year fer our camp. We need all members present at this next meeting! It’s time to elect new officers for 2016. We need everyone to step up and speak up that is interested in taking one of the positions. It’s time to get “Involved”!!!!! All dues should have been paid by now. But if not, National has extended the deadline until December. Speaking of December our monthly meeting will be combined with the 4th Brigade Christmas party. This will be December 5th at 1st State Bank Conference Bldg., Gainesville Texas. Bring your favorite covered dish and an item fer the auction. This will be fer Texas Division Heritage Defense. Have you became a Guardian yet?


Deo Vindice

Rub L. Bass, Commander
Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203