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The service will be Monday at 10:00a at Lake Pointe Church
in bldg called pier 4:19 at back of lot. Visitation will be Sunday 6p – 8p at
Rest Haven funeral home on 66 in Rockwall, TX

Message from the 3rd Lt Commander

Busy week so far but just a quick message to all about some changes and newsletters. I have received two new camp newsletters for September and the webmaster has them posted on line, at the Division website. Also, on the Division website, is the new “1-800-MY SOUTH” button is on the front page. Anyone who visits can now send a message to the 2nd Lt Commander that they have an interest in the organization. We have already had our first contact under the new system. If you need anything, let me know. I still need email addresses from everyone.

David McMahon
3rd Lt Commander
Texas Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans