Dispatch – April 2014

I wanted to apologize for missing last month’s meeting. I was very sick and not well at all. I hope this newsletter finds all of you in good health and in good spirits (not the drinking kind of spirits). We all have so much to be thankful for and we need to remember that all good gifts and all great gifts come from above.

Like me, I’m sure a lot of you are sad and depressed over the loss of the park names in Memphis, Tennessee. and some of the other losses the Southern People have suffered in the last few years, due to political correctness. I believe the only way to turn this around is by numbers and by money. We all must do what we can to increase the size of the SCV and raise money for our cause. I am getting a jar, and every day when I come home I’m going to put my change in it. That change will be donated to the SCV Heritage Defense Fund (http://www.scv.org/about/heritage/heritageDefenseFund.php ). Just think it’s only a few dollars a month, but if everyone in the SCV did this, it would add up. During our meeting’s if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please voice them, as we must turn this around. Get involved in your political process (whatever party you believe in), vote with you heart, soul and mind, and remember our Confederate heritage.

Again, I want to thank all of you for being members and for all the hard work you do.

“What would Jesus do—–What would Stonewall Jackson do”

This is my motto, and if I can live by this, I will become a good leader. I ask for your prayers, for me and the SCV.


Richard M. Powell, Commander
Commander R.M. Powell