Dispatch – July & August


I believe that the members of our camp including myself have great pride being members of the SCV. For this I am grateful. Our purpose is of great importance… to honor our ancestors, to protect history that has been maligned and distorted and to defend the just cause in the War Of Northern Aggression.

Lincoln was using the pretext of liberating the slaves but by the end of the war, 100,000 slaves were fighting with the Confederates. We must remember that General Sherman used the art of warfare employed by the unsuccessful by destroying the Confederates supply base and causing economic ruin. He is quoted saying “that no soldier coming after him will find anything to eat”.
We must remember the gallantry of the Confederate soldier under these conditions as SCV members, eo do our best to protect our flag and his good name. This is our mission and we will not fail.

Deo Vindice,

Charles J. Stansell
Commander, 2016
Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203