Dispatch – June 2015

Howdy! I have been crazy busy lately with my business, but I thought I would take this opportunity to encourage you, during the slower summer months, to do several things. First, try to bring a guest to our upcoming meetings. Also, if you have friends or relatives in the area, see if any of them might be interested in checking our camp and organization out. You never know where that next new compatriot might be found. Third, please consider getting involved in the Guardian Program. It’s easy and really will cost you nothing, aside from driving over to a cemetery in Rockwall County and picking out a Confederate veteran’s grave to adopt. Lieutenant Commander Daryl Coleman has already picked one out that he is adopting, so ask him about it if you like.

See you at the next meeting!

Deo Vindice

Rub L. Bass, Commander
Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203