Dispatch – March & April 2016


Showing support for Confederate ancestors and their just cause is what we are about. Recently, our ancestors and their flags have been attacked, maligned and smeared more than anytime since reconstruction even though 94% of Confederate soldiers never owned a slave. If one reads history books used in state schools written before 1900 and compare them to today’s school history text books, one asks himself how could the causes of the War of Northern Aggression have changed over time? You know the answer to that question. We also exist to state and stand up for the truth of their just cause, and to defend their honor. Lincoln invaded his own country using tactics which would repulse most decent military officers. Long may our flag wave.

I am excited that it appears that our Camp is growing and for this I am grateful. The Texas Division Reunion is in June, and the 121st National Reunion will be held in Richardson in July and I hope many members of our camp can attend. More information on these can be found on pages 4 & 5.

Deo Vindice,

Charles J. Stansell
Commander, 2016 Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203