Dispatch – November 2013

Compatriots, Brothers and Friends,

Our November meeting is upon us immediately on Monday, Nov. 11, at Soulman’s Barbeque in Rockwall. This meeting is important as we will hold nominations and elections for our 2014 leadership, and also because my friend and compatriot David Moore, Lt. Commander of the Texas Division, will be with us to present on the subject of photography of the wartime period. David knows this subject well, and it should be very informative and enjoyable.

As this year begins to draw to a close, I have unfinished business and unfulfilled goals, which I will just have to continue into the future. I have been sometimes distracted by personal concerns, but I suppose that is life in a volunteer organization. It was my goal to double the size of the camp up to 40 members, and though we have had some growth, it appears we will fall way short of the goal, and I bear most of that, for the simple fact that it was a goal I set myself. Here is the good deal that comes out of this, though. I don’t have to be camp commander, or hold any office at all, in order to continue working on that goal, and this I will do. Maybe it will better that way. When we do grow up to 40 members, we can all smile and feel a sense of accomplishment, together, as it should be.

I am happy to report that, except for one regrettable occurrence early in the year, we have avoided some of the turmoil visited upon a few other camps in the Texas Division. Also, with much appreciation going out to compatriot Tom Wilson for the production of our Texas Division challenge coins, we now have some respectable funds in the camp bank account which will greatly aid the camp going into 2014. My final report as Camp Commander to you will be issued in the December issue
of this newsletter.

Your Obt’ Servant,
Daryl Coleman, Commander
Rockwall Cavalry Camp