Dispatch – September 2014

During the past 5 months or so we appear to have turned a corner, for the good. We are now experiencing some long desired growth, for which we should be very thankful. This has happened in part due to the tenacity of some of our members in seeking out and bringing in like minded men who are themselves descendents of Confederate Veterans. Let us keep up the good work. As we grow more in number, we will be able to do more and do it efficiently and effectively.

As we grow in numbers, we should also grow in maturity as a camp. This includes our education. You will note in the newsletter an announcement of the Central Texas Leadership Conference to be held in Bryan, Texas on Saturday, September 20. Please consider driving down for this meeting. We held one in Gainesville early in the summer, and there was only one there from the Rockwall Cavalry Camp. This meeting in Bryan is very much worth the drive. Sessions at this conference will help you to take your place in leadership of the Rockwall Cavalry Camp and the Texas Division. Our own 1st Lt. Cmdr Daryl Coleman will be leading the Newsletter session, and there will be a number of compatriots from other camps and Brigades leading sessions on other topics. This seminar will also present you with the opportunity to meet compatriots from other areas who can be of great assistance to you in the future. See page 7 of this newsletter for more information.

Very quickly, probably at our November meeting, we will again hold an election to elect our Camp Commander, 1st. Lt. Commander and Adjutant for 2015. Other posts will be filled by the Commander. Be thinking about this, and if you have someone you would like to nominate, please forward the name to Adj. Chief Bear of our nominating committee. We will want to keep our momentum moving forward as we go into 2015. As we will not have a normal meeting in December, we will elect in November and have our new officers take up their duties in our January meeting. We have so far been very blessed with smooth transitions, and we look forward to continuing that in January.

God Bless,

Richard M. Powell, Commander
Commander R.M. Powell