Editor Corner – Feb/Mar 2015

Certainly it did not escape your notice that there was no newsletter at the beginning of February. My computer developed a problem which required me to go out and get a new one. I am still ironing out a few issues, but I am partially back in business. Sorry about that… it happens (as you know).

While I have your attention, be aware that in June we will be having our annual Texas Division Reunion, this year in Temple, Texas. I would strongly encourage each of you to consider attending. This is a voting year, and we will be electing for the Texas Division a Commander, and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lt. Commander to help lead us through the next 2 years. Our current Texas Division 2nd Lt. Commander, Gary D. Bray, has announced that he will be running for the office of Division Commander. Brigade elections will also take place, and we will need to be present to elect our three Fourth Brigade officers who will represent us on the Division Executive Council. As it stands right now, I will be running for 2nd Lt. Commander of the Brigade, a position I am currently serving in.

Daryl Coleman, Editor