Editor Corner – May 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you that we do not currently have a 2nd Lieutenant Commander for the camp. This position is basically responsible for recruiting and retention. The responsibilities for this are not difficult or overly involved, and will not cost one very much time at all, but it is something vital to the life of our camp. If you believe you could contribute to your camp by serving at this post, please mention it to Commander Bass.

Since questions have been asked over the past several meetings, I would like to offer a quick clarification about our pledges. In our camp we have pledges to the US Flag and to the Texas Flag. We also say a salute to the Confederate Battle Flag, the Soldier’s Flag. These are subject to personal conscience and are not mandatory. Same goes for prayers at the opening and closing of the meeting. Your choices are your own and will be respected. All we ask is that our members show due regard and respect to our flags and practices in our meetings.

Daryl Coleman, Editor