The Flag of the 1st Texas


Private W.E. Berry of the fourth Texas, John Bell Hood’s Brigade, was captured on September 17, at Sharpsburg in the cornfield. While he was waiting to be sent to the rear he wrote of an incident that happened and of the attachment to the Confederate Flag, even though it was not the flag of his regiment. “While standing there I saw coming up the road from the battlefield some colors, with an escort. When they arrived the Major asked the Yankee with the colors where he got them. He said the cornfield. He turned to me and inquired if I knew the colors. I told him they belonged to the First Texas Regiment, remarking at the time that where he got the flag there was many a dead Texan there. He said there were thirteen dead men lying on or around it when he found it. I asked him to hand it to me a moment, which he did. I took it in my hand, kissed it, and handed it back to him, tears blinding my eyes.” This is a photo of that flag. The flag of the 1st Texas, captured at Sharpsburg.